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Bingham Cup - Four Clubs Bid For 2018


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On 27 April 2016, International Gay Rugby (IGR) announced the names of the clubs who have submitted a formal Intent to Bid letter for the 2018 Mark Kendall Bingham Memorial Tournament. Three European clubs and one North American club have declared their intention to submit a bid to host the biennial Bingham Cup, recognised globally as the World Championship of Gay and Inclusive Rugby.

The four clubs are:

• Muddy York RFC of Toronto, Canada
• ARC Amsterdam Lowlanders of Amsterdam, Netherlands;
• Kings Cross Steelers RFC of London, England, GB;
• And, the Caledonian Thebans RFC of Edinburgh, Scotland, GB.

Jeff Wilson, IGR Chairman, said, “The selection process of the next Bingham Cup is one of the most important tasks that the IGR community undertakes. On behalf of the trustees and the board, we thank the Muddy York, the Lowlanders, the Kings Cross Steelers and the Caledonian Thebans for taking the initiative and leadership to potentially host the largest and most inclusive Rugby tournament in the world by their intent to bid. The bid process for the Bingham Cup is a challenging set of tasks, which will result in a world class plan to execute a professional and celebratory event in any one of the four cities. Good luck to the four Bid Committees in the process. We look forward to their output at the Annual General Meeting.”

The next step in the 2018 Bingham Cup bidding process is the multimedia presentation to the IGR Board at the Annual General Meeting on 25 May 2016, with the formal bid books due to the Trustees at midnight, 31 July 2016. After the trustee review period, approved bid materials will be made public on 15 August, with a follow-up inquiry call during the week of 8 September. IGR expects to announce the award of the 2018 Bingham Cup during the week of 30 September.

Further information about the Bingham Cup can be found at BinghamCup.com.




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