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2016-03-03: North American Championships 2017: Four Clubs Express Interest


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Chairman of International Gay Rugby, Jeff Wilson has today released details of the four clubs expressing interest in bidding to host the first North American Championships in 2017:

I am delighted to announce that we have received the intentions to bid for the 2017 Eastern and Western North American Championships from the following:

Western – Colorado Rush
Eastern – Muddy York, Boston Ironsides and Philadelphia Gryphons

I have sent to the eligible voting representatives and the bidding clubs a set of documentation, detailing the process and the next steps. I ask for everyone's commitment over the next two months to ensure that these bids and tournaments are as strong as possible.

High Level Timeline

29 March: Published Bid Book and/or Multimedia presentation due to the Regional Representatives. Review of the bids for completeness.

Week of 28 April: Conference Call to Answer Questions and opening of Vote

Week of 11 May: Finalisation and Announcement of Tournament

Throughout the process, communication will be available via the IGRC group on Facebook and throughout email to the NAChampionships@igrab.net email group. Please do not hesitate to ask questions or discuss the merits throughout the process.

If you are a potential attendee, please funnel questions or feedback through your club's IGR representative to ensure your feedback is included in your club's vote. If you are not affiliated with a NA IGR Club, please reach out to William Howell, the World Barbarians representative to field your feedback on the vote.

On behalf of the Regional Representatives and the IGR trustees, I wish each of the bidding clubs the best of luck in the process. This is a very exciting time in IGR history and you all are definitely part of that success. Please reach out to me personally if you have any questions or concerns about the process.

With you,

Jeff Wilson
Chairman, International Gay Rugby



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