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2016-03-03: Bingham Cup 2018 Bid Timeline


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Chairman of International Gay Rugby, Jeff Wilson has today released details of the bidding process for the Bingham Cup 2018:

Hello, IGR Club representatives

On behalf of the IGR Trustees, I would like to take the time to publicise the timeline and high level process for the bidding of the 2018 Bingham Cup Tournament. As you are all aware, the Mark Kendall Bingham Memorial Tournament is the flagship event of the gay and inclusive rugby community. It represents everything about the values that our organisation embodies and is one of the largest amateur rugby tournaments in the world.

After the success that we had with the last Bingham Cup bidding process for the 2016 tournament, the trustees decided in our last meeting to follow a very similar process and to communicate the timeline appropriately. Other than the announcement date, these dates may move at any time based on business or unforeseen events, though we plan to stick to these as much as possible. The Bid Requirements are still being reviewed as part of this process and we are on track to publish them based on the following timeline. Also, we do plan on a follow up communication in the near future to provide more details as soon as possible.

Bingham Cup 2018 Bid Process, Timeline and Requirements

3 March – Bid Process Announcement

Announcement of overall process, dates, timelines guidelines and expected requirements for each step of the process. Communication of dates for the following pieces of the process: Host City/Club intention to bid, Terms & Conditions document between IGR and the Host Club, Initial PowerPoint/Multimedia bid presentation to the Board at the 2016 AGM in Nashville, and formal Bid Requirements Book application.

15 March – Bid Process Opens

Formal intentions to bid in writing will be accepted from this date. The written intention to bid must be in the form of a letter from the Chairman/President of the Member Host Club addressed to Jeff Wilson, Chairman, International Gay Rugby Association and Board, 71 Holland Road, West Ham, London, England E15 3BP, United Kingdom. A scanned copy can be sent to Jeff.Wilson@igrugby.org.

24 March – Requirements Review Completed By Trustees

The Bid Requirements Book covers the requirements for a successful international, Rugby Union 15s tournament – inclusive of gender, scrum legality, and not limited to anything related to fixtures, marketing, travel, community involvement and other categories to be determined by the Trustees, the Regional Representatives and the IGR Board. In conjunction with this, the IGR Trustees will update the Terms and Conditions document between IGR and the Organising Committee of the potential Host Club.

31 March – Final Bid Requirements Documents Published

Trustees to publish the bid requirements documents, Terms & Conditions Document and publish to the IGR Board Community, igrugby.org mailboxes, externally for igrugby.org documents and to the external mailboxes of the IGR representatives. Bid books to be provided in both a PowerPoint and PDF format, based on the requirements listed in the Bid Requirements document. Financials to be provided in the agreed Excel workbook.

24 April – Public Bid Intention Closes

Deadline for formal intention to bid, completed in writing by the Organising Committee of the Host Club and delivered both in physical and scanned form delivered by email. No public marketing of potential bids can occur prior to acceptance and announcement by the IGR Chairman. Any intent to bid made public through public marketing prior to this date may be considered void prior to acceptance by the IGR Chairman

25 April – Public Marketing Open

After the intent to bid has been accepted, confirmed and announced by the IGR Chairman on 25 April, the potential Host Clubs can begin announcing and marketing their intent to bid. This can include public support from their local communities, national unions and potential sponsors as well as direct marketing to club representatives and potential attendees.

25 May – Annual General Meeting in Nashville

Each club is expected to provide a 15 minute high level multimedia presentation highlighting the points of differentiation of the potential bid – allowing for questions from each board member. IGR AGM will be held at Kissam Center Quad, Vanderbilt University, 2101 West End Avenue, Nashville, TN 37240 on Wednesday May 25, 2016 at 1:00pm local time (CST). Skype Group Call to be made available for club representatives who will not be able to attend in person.

31 July – Bid Book Completion Deadline

Deadline for completed Tournament Bid Proposals from potential host committees to the Trustees. Trustees to validate bids virtually through email and committee calls. The bid documents should be available in English. Signed Terms and Conditions of the Hosting Agreement must be included in the official pack.

1 - 12 August – Trustee Review Period

Trustees to review for completion prior to AGM inquiries. Trustees will review each bid and ask supplemental questions and clarifications to the bidding Host Clubs.

15 August – Approved Bid Materials Made Public

Final bid books from each potential Hosting Club will be made available for review by all IGR members clubs. Public discussion of bids to begin via agreed channels.

8 September: Bid Book AGM Inquiries

Supplementary general meeting via conference call for Tournament Bid Proposal Inquiries. Secret ballot voting for 2 weeks opens at the conclusion of the meeting via IGR email address.

30 September – Announcement of the award of the 2018 Bingham Cup

Press pack and marketing packet completed. Formal announcement via Skype Call and Press Conference. FAQ and bid highlights created. Scheduled announcement date.

Questions about this process can be addressed directly to me or any of the other trustees, Matthew Whiteley (matthew.whiteley@igrugby.org), Jon Glassmeyer (Jon.Glassmeyer@igrugby.org), Andrew Purchas (Andrew.Purchas@igrugby.org) or Duane Ward-Voerman (Duane.Ward@igrugby.org).

Good luck to any of the potential bidding clubs!

Jeff Wilson
Chairman, International Gay Rugby



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