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2017 Eastern North American and Western North American IGR Championship Tournament Bid Process Opening


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The Chairman of International Gay Rugby, Jeff Wilson has today announced the launch of two IGR tournaments for North America:

2017 Eastern North American and Western North American IGR Championship Tournament Bid Process Opening

"On behalf of the IGR Trustees and the North American Regional Representatives, I wanted to take the time to announce the opening of the bid process for two North American Championship tournaments in the 2017 calendar year.

"After much discussion of the successes of the Union Cup in Europe and the Purchas Cup in the Southern Hemisphere, the North American Regional Representatives made the decision for the 2017 calendar year to officially bid out two officially sanctioned IGR tournaments in North America. These tournaments will be recognised as the 2017 Eastern North American IGR Championships and the 2017 Western North American IGR Championships. As an organisation, there is a market and player appetite for large tournaments which bring the NA IGR community together in a way that can be supported by sports tourism, Convention and Visitors Bureaus, USA Rugby and Rugby Canada.

"Given the potential attendance and size of these events, the Regional Representatives agreed that there should be a process that is similar to the Bingham Cup Bidding Process, but, should not be quite as labour intensive. Also, these dates are tentative, and can move at any time based on business or unforeseen events".

2017 Eastern and Western North American IGR Championship Tournaments Bidding Process

29 February 2016 : Bid Intention Deadline

Deadline for formal intention to bid for either tournament, completed in writing by the Organising Committee of the host club. The written intention to bid must be in the form of a letter from the Chairman/President of the Member Host Club addressed to Jeff Wilson, Chairman, International Gay Rugby Association and Board, 71 Holland Road, West Ham, London, England E15 3BP, United Kingdom. A scanned copy can be sent to Jeff.Wilson@igrugby.org.

29 March 2016 : Published Bid Book and/or Multimedia presentation due

Each club is expected to provide Bid Book and/or Multimedia presentation highlighting the points of differentiation of the potential bid – allowing for questions from each board member. NA Regional Representatives will review for completion prior to the inquiries from the NA Voting Clubs

Week of 7 April 2016: Conference Call to Answer Questions and opening of Vote

Supplementary North American Club meeting to clarify any questions or issues related to bids. Secret ballot voting for 2 weeks opens at the conclusion of the meeting via igrugby.org email address. Voting will be as follows:

Voting Eligibility

• All active IGR clubs in good standing that are located in North America are eligible to vote.
• Votes should be cast by each club’s IGR Representative via either the club’s @IGRugby.org email account or the Representative’s account on record with the IGR Secretary.

Number of Votes

• Associate member clubs have a weight of one (1) vote
• Full member clubs have a weight of two (2) votes.


• Voting clubs may only vote in the selection of one (1) of the two North American Cups (Eastern or Western).
• Voting clubs may vote for either, but not both the Eastern or Western Cup, at their discretion.
• Clubs bidding to host either Cup may only vote for the Cup on which they are bidding. (Example: Phoenix is bidding to host the Western Cup; Phoenix may not cast its vote(s) for the Eastern Cup.)
• Clubs with two votes (i.e., Full Member clubs) may not split their votes between bids or within a single Cup. (Example: Gotham, Minneapolis, and Charleston are bidding for the Eastern Cup. Charlotte may cast their weighted vote for one of the three candidate clubs in the Eastern Pool, but NOT one for a Western Cup bid.)
• In the event that no bid receives 50% + 1 of the votes for a given Cup, the top two (2) bids will have a runoff vote. Only clubs that originally voted for that Cup’s selection may vote in the runoff.

Week of 28 April 2016: Finalisation and Announcement of 2017 Tournament Hosts

Press pack and marketing packet completed. Formal announcement via Skype Call and Press Conference. FAQ and bid highlights created.

Questions about any of this can be addressed to Matthew Whiteley, Gustavo Ventura, Jeremy Dykes, Tim Lom and/or Tyler Moser.

Thank you for your support and good luck to any of the bidding organisations.

With you,

Jeff Wilson
International Gay Rugby



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