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2015-05-18: IGR and GRC promote Global '#gayrugby' Hashtag


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With our community hitting the headlines with two major news stories in recent weeks and a trio of inclusive rugby tournaments coming up this weekend, International Gay Rugby and GayRugbyClubs.com are launching their first ever joint initiative to create even stronger online communication by promoting the use of the hashtag '#gayrugby' across all social media platforms.

Heading up the initiative, IGR Social Media Lead, Kings Cross Steeler and GRC creator Neil Pyper said:

"It is our aim to create a one stop, global hashtag to bring together great stories and posts for across the gay rugby community.

"The #gayrugby hashtag can naturally be used in conjunction with other hashtags, such as those for individual clubs and tournaments, providing even greater cross-promotion for both parties.

"With three great tournaments coming up this week, there are bound to be hundreds, if not thousands of pictures taken and whether you prefer Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, the #gayrugby hashtag will help guide others to great online content.

"It is my hope that through the collective use of the hashtag, which is a common search option for those looking at finding our community, we can attract even more people to the game of rugby while keeping current members up to date with all the latest news from IGR and GRC".

Simply add #gayrugby to your social media posts to participate.

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