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2015-01-24: IGRugby.org Goes Live


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A message from IGR Chairman, Jeff Wilson:

Greetings, IGR!

As part of our rebranding announcement that we made back in November, we have taken a couple of steps forward in this area with a few more to come.

First of all, we have purchased the rights to the domains igrugby.org and igrugby.net. Given our charity status in the UK, the trustees have decided to move our main website and domain activity to www.igrugby.org. In the short term, all traffic and links to www.igrab.net will be redirected to www.igrugby.org where our data is now hosted. Over the past week, Neil Pyper and I have worked to handle the technical bits on the back end to ensure that the transition to the new domain is as smooth as possible, and we believe we have any kinks worked out.

Action requested:

If your current site links to www.igrab.net, please change your links to www.igrugby.org. If you currently do not have a link to us on your site, I would like to ask that you include a link to our site on your page with the latest IGR logo, which is attached at the bottom of the page in my signature. There are some more exciting things to come with our abilities to publicise and spread the word about the great things that your clubs are doing through our web presence. If you have questions on what or how to do this, please contact me and Neil directly.

Second of all, with this domain change, our email addresses will be changing in short order. For the trustees, our email addresses will change to User.Name@igrugby.org – for example, my address will be Jeff.Wilson@igrugby.org. Any mails that have been sent to User.Name@igrab.net will be routed to User.Name@igrugby.org to ensure that there is no lost data or emails. This will have an impact on the club emails and sign-in information that we have for you.

Action requested:

In the upcoming weeks, you should be on the lookout for a mail from Jon Glassmeyer explaining the change with information on how to change your sign in information to the new Team.Name@igrugby.org username. We do plan on sharing best practice data regarding club operations, fundraising, recruitment and events through these addresses as well as Yammer in short order. Please take the time to update your information and contact Jon at Jon.Glassmeyer@igrugby.org if you have any issues.

This is an exciting time here in IGR, specifically around collaboration, communication and partnership with World Rugby and the national unions. I have some exciting things to share in the next month in these areas. I look forward to the great work that we can continue to do regarding our mission to end homophobia and build inclusion in Rugby as a sport and culture.

As always, please feel free to reach out me, the other trustees, your regional representatives or Neil if you have any questions.

With you,

Jeff Wilson
International Gay Rugby


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