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2015-01-12: IGR Opens Nominations For New Regional Reps


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A message from IGR Vice Chair, Matthew Whiteley:

The IGR Regional Representatives have now served their two-year term. I'd like to thank all of them for the work they have done.

IGR is now officially opening nominations for a new batch of Regional Representatives. A position description is provided below. Existing representatives may, of course, stand again, whilst new blood is equally welcomed. Ultimately, where a position is contested, there will be a vote of teams in that region.

You can nominate people in the post/thread on the main IGR page, and they can accept or decline the nomination in the comments there. Nominations will be open until midnight (GMT) on Monday 26 January, with any voting to open at that time for one week.

Regional Reps do not need to be a Board representative for an IGR member club to hold one of these positions. Former players, coaches, or alumni leaders from member clubs and the World Barbarians are encouraged to be in these roles, given the activities that we expect from them.

Also, to be clear, the World Barbarians IGR Board Rep will also sit on this group with a remit to develop individuals and teams globally. We expect this group to be a working committee, sharing best practices and ideas along with providing value to the clubs in their areas.

Many thanks!

Matt - IGR Vice Chair


IGR Regional Representative Positions

1). Seven Regions

a. United Kingdom / Ireland – Birmingham Bulls, Bristol Bisons, Cardiff Lions, Dublin Emerald Warriors, Edinburgh Caledonian Thebans, London Kings Cross Steelers, Manchester Village Spartans, Newcastle Ravens, Northampton Outlaws

b. France - Lyon Les Rebelyons, Montpellier Los Valents, Paris Les Gaillards, Paris Les Coqs Festifs

c. Continental Europe (exc. France) – Amsterdam Lowlanders, Berlin Bruisers, Brussels Straffe Ketten, Cologne Crushers, Lisbon Dark Horses, Madrid Titanes, Stockholm Berserkers

d. Southern Hemisphere – Brisbane Hustlers, Buenos Aires Pampas, Melbourne Chargers, NZ Falcons, Sydney Convicts

e. North America East – Atlanta Bucks, Boston Ironsides, Boston New England Valkyries, Charleston Blockade, Charlotte Royals, New York Gotham Knights, Ottawa Wolves, Philadelphia Gryphons, Toronto Muddy York, Washington DC Renegades, Washington Scandals

f. North America Central – Chicago Dragons, Columbus Coyotes, Dallas Diablos, Dallas Lost Souls, Madison Minotaurs, Minneapolis Mayhem, Nashville Grizzlies, St. Louis Crusaders

g. North America West – Colorado Rush, Los Angeles Rebellion, Phoenix Storm, San Diego Armada, San Francisco Fog, Seattle Quake


2) Primary focus as liaison between regional teams and IGR executive committee

a. Team issues / concerns, match schedules / results, tournaments, etc.

b. Assist in the coordination of Local and Regional Tournaments

c. Player and coach development, assisting with rugby clinics etc.

d. Attend quarterly IGR Regional (telecon) meetings

e. NOTE – No additional voting rights with IGR, not to replace individual team representatives to the general IGR board.


3) Secondary focus as point of contact for new IGRAB teams within their corresponding region

a. Providing mentoring in setting up rugby clubs:

i. Charter / Bylaws Creation

ii. Board Setup

iii. Local / National Union Registration

iv. Marketing and Fundraising

v. Recruitment - Rugby 101, etc.

vi. Community Outreach / Development

vii. Charitable Solicitation Registration - Local / State / Federal (501c3 for US teams).


4) Additional responsibilities to be determined


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