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Frequently Asked Questions




Q1. What are the benefits of joining IGR?


IGR provides their members development resources for new and existing inclusive rugby clubs around the areas of recruitment, organisation, retention, fundraising and event coordination. IGR also represents the LGBT community to external organisations such as the World Rugby, National Rugby Unions and the Federation of Gay Games. Members also get the ability to vote on organisation business such as Bingham Cup selection and Regional Tournament attendance.




Q2. Why is IGR a charity?


IGR has registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in England for two purposes. First, as a CIO, IGR has the ability to hold assets such as donations, trademarks and sponsorships. And, second, the non-profit status of a CIO allows for IGR to distribute donations and assets to their member clubs as necessary as long as the objects of IGR are furthered.


Q3. Is IGR connected to World Rugby?


Yes, World Rugby recognises IGR as the representative organisation of the LGBT and inclusive rugby community.


Q4. Is IGR solely a gay organisation?


IGR is an organisation of member clubs who identify as primarily gay or inclusive organisations. Member clubs are required to be inclusive and working towards the elimination of homophobia in rugby.


Q5. Once registered with IGR, is my club limited to playing only other gay clubs?


Not at all. Given the regional nature of our member clubs, potential clubs are encouraged to get experience with teams in their local market prior to application for Associate Membership. For Full Membership, potential clubs are required to be registered with their local union. While we provide regional opportunities through inter-IGR tournaments, the best way to develop is through the local unions.


Q6. How do I start a new club in my country? Registration, insurance etc.?


You should contact your own national rugby union. Find a list of national rugby unions here.


Q7. Do I need to have experience in rugby to join?


No. Part of the mission of IGR clubs are to further the development of people and clubs who wouldn't traditionally play rugby.


Q8. If I experience difficulties within my club, can IGR offer me advice?


We encourage individuals to work through the existing governance structures in their own clubs, with escalation points inside their local unions. While we understand that there may be extenuating circumstances that may not follow that process, IGR representatives and executives will provide coaching and guidance, but, no intervention in local issues.




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